Clinical Interventions and Background:

I believe a Therapist needs to be flexible and client-centered focusing on the client's goals and also being on the forefront of clinical interventions is vital in being an effective Therapist.  I have been fortunate enough to speak at Graduate Schools for individuals studying to be Psychotherapists, have been published on techniques and guidelines for Psychotherapists, and selected to be on local mental health panels in the area.  My interventions include a variety of theories and techniques including:

* Solution-Focused Therapy

* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

* Systems theory

* Acceptance Commitment Therapy

* Trauma (TREM AND EMDR)

* Exposure Response Prevention

* Filial Therapy

* Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

* Family Therapy

* Psychodynamic

* Psychoanalysis

* Motivational Interviewing

* And others ......